Hepworth Quarter

Walton-On-Thames, Surrey

Town Centre Apartments

A mixed use development consisting of five high-quality retail units and 70 residential homes.

  • Sector: Mixed Use

  • Features: 70 Homes

  • Features: 5 Retail Units

  • Features: 988 Sq.M of retail space

The  proposal for the new Hepworth Quarter has drawn upon the past and is mindful of the developments that have occurred in the High Street and surrounding town. A ‘critical regionalism’ approach is used for the design and Architecture. We see this as an opportunity for a well connected sustainable scheme.

Walton-on-Thames has long been associated as a meeting place & market town emerging from a crossing of the river. The modern town has continued to grow from its position on the river into a bustling place with a robust offering and lots of amenities for local residents.

The project aims to establish a contemporary identity whilst encapsulating the essence of Walton-on-Thames for future occupants.