Norton Folgate Office

No 1. Norton Folgate, London, E1 6DB

Offices in the heart of The City.

Norton Folgate

  • Sector: Retail & Office

  • Features: Office Space & Retail Space
  • Client: TIAA Henderson Real Estate

Located adjacent to POD Architects London office, No 1 Norton Folgate is a five story office building situated on the edge of Shoreditch and The City.

Architects East London

The project is a mediator between traditional business and contemporary office lifestyle by stitching the fast paced City to the coolness of Shoreditch.

The office is let on a floor by floor basis by small to medium sized companies on a variety of leasing terms. We have carefully considered the impact of the proposal on the adjacent conservation area, with the new works enhancing the appearance and contributing to the general upgrade of the urban context and local streetscape and character of the area.

Norton Folgate by POD
London Architects