Holly Tree Corner

382 Northdown Road, Margate, Kent, CT9 3PG

Quality placemaking on a brownfield site

Holly Tree Corner

  • Sector: Retail, Mixed Use

  • Features: 39 Residential apartments, 3 Town houses, 1 Micro-pub
  • Client: Kentish Projects
  • Location:¬†Margate, Kent

The contextual building proposes 39 high quality residential apartments, 3 Houses and a micro-pub in Margate, within walking distance to the old town and destination attractions, including the new Turner Contemporary Gallery.

In 1926 the Olde Charles was built as a mock-tudor Public House.

When built, the area was mainly fields with a seaside view. In 2016 the Public House, which had been closed and had suffered a serious fire.

POD Architects has proposed a new set of residential spaces with a community facility at the corner of Holly Lane and Northdown Road. The proposal provides quality place making on a prominent brownfield urban site creating a modern replacement use for the former fire damaged public house.

The material palette has been derived from local context materials using a mixture of red brick creating a contemporary identity whilst providing a suggestion of history.