Residential Scheme Littlehampton artists impression

Anchor Springs


Residential Proposal in Littlehampton

Anchor Springs, Littlehampton

  • Sector: Mixed Use

  • Features: 83 residential units

  • Features: 2 retail units

  • Client: BPIM Ropemaker

Located on an existing disused Waitrose site and car park in Littlehampton, this project of mixed use residential and retail spaces had to respond well to the vernacular architecture and local context.

Residential Architects Littlehampton
Residential Scheme Littlehampton ARTISTS impression

Littlehampton is going through a transitional period and this project aimed to enhance the town centre by designing a proposal that would engage the community and link the residential north of Littlehampton to the more retail south.

The constraints of the site required careful consideration of building height, overlooking distances and amenity space. A large central shared space sits in between the two buildings helping to create a sense of community and promote community engagement.

Residential Scheme Littlehampton by POD Architects
Residential Scheme Littlehampton
Residential Scheme Littlehampton by POD
Residential Scheme Littlehampton Architects