Project Description

The Beacons, Chatham


A memorable gateway scheme in Chatham

An innovative and inviting place for people to live, work, and play that creates a memorable gateway into Chatham.

  • Sector: Mixed Use, Retail, Residential & Leisure

  • Features:

    • 200 town centre apartments
    • 5 A3 food and beverage units
    • 5 Screen Cinema
    • Flexible Office Space
    • 80 Bed Hotel
  • Client: Chatham Lightstone LLP

The Beacons was a two-week competition for a mixed-use gateway scheme located in the Medway town of Chatham, Kent, which saw POD grow the project from an idea in to a thoughtful and innovative proposal.

The masterplan takes a holistic approach which carefully integrates the proposal into the townscape and acts to bookend the High Street. The built form and public space combine to create strategically important routes between the High Street and Great Lines Heritage Park.  While creating an unforgettable gateway into Chatham, the proposal also includes three residential towers, 5 A3 units, a cinema, a food market, flexible office spaces, a hotel, a multi-storey car park and a pavilion.

The extreme level changes within the site were used to the advantage of the scheme creating a thoughtful layered proposal. Chatham’s proud maritime history is highlighted through the residential towers which mimic the form of beacons looking out over the town.

“The vision was to create an innovative and inviting place to live, work, and play that supports Medway Council’s “city centre” aspirations for Chatham while connecting to Chatham’s deep-rooted maritime history.” – Paul Shedden