Project Description

conyer creek architects design

Conyer Creek

Tenterden, Kent

Coastal Sustainable Community

Landscape and sustainability led eco-community in on a brown field site near site of special scientific interest

  • Sector: Residential
  • Features: Sustainability
  • Features: 24 Ecohomes
  • Client: IPMM SIP Ltd

Conyer Creek is situated on the edge of a wildlife sanctuary and marina near Faversham, Kent.

POD Architects were appointed to design 24 exclusive high-quality sustainable dwellings on the 10,000 sq. m brownfield site. Like many of the projects Pod undertakes the local landscape was a tremendous inspiration which presented an enormous amount of opportunities to create a successful community within gardens and open spaces.

conyer creek drawings

Dwellings were carefully positioned to maximise the stunning views over the natural habitat and sea, which has SSSI designation.

Development was reserved for the existing brownfield zones in order to enhance the opportunity to preserve the green spaces. Homes features significant sustainable measures such as PVs

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